Society Information
  1. NAME: The name of the Society shall be "INDIAN SOCIETY OF WEED SCIENCE" hereafter called the Society. The official emblem of the Society was adopted at the General Body at Biannual Conference of the Society at Parbhani in 1979.

  2. REGISTERED OFFICE: Registered Office of the Society shall be at the City of Bangalore in Karnataka State. Headquarters of the Society shall rotate once in two years, and be decided by the newly formed Executive Committee. The Office of the Society shall be located at University of Agricultural Sciences G.K.V.K Campus, Bangalore-560065.

  3. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the Society are:
    1. To promote the knowledge of Weed Science and allied branches.
    2. To encourage research in the scientific and practical aspects, in different disciplines of Weed Science..
    3. To provide opportunity through periodical meetings and scientific conferences for personal contacts and discussions for the research workers in the field of Weed Science..
    4. To publish periodically, scientific articles contributed by members and/or eminent scientists in the field of Weed Research in the country and abroad..

  4. The President of the Society is authorized to correspond with the Registrar of Societies, Bangalore

Rules and Regulations

  1. The name of the Society shall be "INDIAN SOCIETY OF WEED SCIENCE". The office of the Society shall be at University of Agricultural Sciences, G.K.V.K. Campus.Bangalore-560065.

  2. MEMBERSHIP: The membership for the year cease on 31s; December each year unless renewed. The Executive Committee will review various membership fees and refix it from time to time. Foreign members shall be admitted to Society on payment of such fees as may be fixed by the Executive Committee.

    1. ORDINARY MEMBERS (IN INDIA) : Any person interested in the objectives of the Society can become a member, after paying the membership fees of Rs. 20/- per annum, and first entrance fees of Rs. 5/-- only once.

    2. SUSTAINING MEMRFRS (IN INDIA): Proprietary Companies, Societies. Industries, Institutions, Co-operatives, Libraries interested in the objectives of the Society can become sustaining members by annual/biennial financial contributions to the Society, paying the prescribed rnember-ship fees as:
      1. Institutional/Libraries = Rs. 50/- per annum and first entrance fee of Rs. 20/- only once.
      2. Substaining/lndustries — Rs. 200/ or more per annum and or more

    3. STUDENT AFFILIATES (IN INDIA): Any bonafide student enrolled in an Institution, receiving training/education in farming can become student affiliate by paying the prescribed fee of Rs. 10/- per annum, and first entrance fee of Rs. 5/~ only once

    4. HONORARY MEMBERS: Any member who has given outstanding service to the Society may be nominated by the Executive Committee and approval by the General Body at the immediate next General Body Meeting.

    5. LIFE MEMBERS (IN INDIA): Any individual member interested in the objectives of the Society can become a Life Member after paying the prescribed fee of Rs. 200/- or more

    6. PATRON: The Executive Committee from time to time can decide and invite such scientists who have made outstanding contribution in the field of Agriculture, specially in Weed Science, to be the Patron

  3. ADMISSION TO MEMBERSHIP:Every application for admission to the Society shall be in the prescribed form accompanied by prescribed entrance fee and shall be addressed to the Treasurer and Business Manager, Indian Society of Weed Science at the Headquarters of the Society.

  4. CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP:Membership of the Society shall cease in the following cases
    1. Any member of the society may resign by giving notice in writing to the Secretary.
    2. Any member whose subscription is more than two years in arrears shall be removed from the membership. He may be re-admitted on payment of such arrears or on payment of such an amount as may be decided by the Executive Committee.

  5. VOTING POWER: All members except patron shall have the voting power at general body meeting.

  6. ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIETY IThe final authority in all matters relating to the administration of the society shall rest in the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will appoint a Returning Officer who will conduct election of office-bearers of the Executive Committee

    1. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE I The Executive Committee which shall be for a period of 2 years shall consist of: The President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary. One Jt. Secretary and Treasurer who are to be elected by the General body and such of those persons nominated by the Executive Committee as prescribed below
      1. The President-as Chairman
      2. Executive Vice-President—Member (to be elected by the General body) Vice-President-Member (to be nominated by the newly elected Executive Committee).
      3. The Secretary-as Member Secretary
      4. Jt. Secretary-2 as members (one to be elected and the other to be nominated by newly elected Executive Committee).
      5. Treasurer-as Member
      6. Business Manager— Business Manager will be nominated by the newly elected Executive Committee and will be member of the Executive Committee. He will be from the Pesticide industry and will help in liaison with the Treasurer in fund raising activities
      7. In addition, the Editor-in-Chief who is nominated by the Executive Committee shall be the member of the Executive Committee. Councilors representing a State/States will be nominated by the Executive Committee from among the names proposed by the General Body during the biennial general body meeting. The Councilors will promote the cause of the Society under the guidance of the Executive Committee. The Councilors will be invitees of the Executive Committee without any voting rights in decision making. Their presence will not be counted on the quorum requirements.

    2. Powers of the Executive Committee s The, Executive Committee shall have all the powers of the Society provided these powers do not conflict with the rules

    3. Delegation of Powers by the Executive Committee: The Executive Committee may delegate its power/duties to sub-committee consisting of as many as members as it may resolve and it may grant such sub-committees the powers to co-opt other persons, whether members or not

    4. Quorum for Executive Committee t At any meeting of the Executive, four members shall form a quorum

    5. Register of Members The Executive Committee shall decide and maintain a list of members of the Society who are qualified to vote at general/biennial meetings and shall bring the list up-to-date from time to time

  7. ANNUAL MEETING I Annual scientific conference will be held at a place as may be decided by the Executive Committee. At this Conference, there will be scientific sessions for presentation of papers. The annual general body meetings shall also be held at such conference under the Chairmanship of the President. Besides, the Executive Committee and various sub-committee of the Society will also meet to transact the business matters and review other activities of the Society

    1. Every alternate Annual general body meetings shall be a biennial meeting. A biennial general body meeting shall be held under the Chairmanship of the President, at the biennial conference and the time and place to be decided by the Executive Committee. This will be convened by the Secretary. At this meeting, election of office bearers of the Executive Committee will be held.
    2. Notice of at least three months indicating the time, date and place of the biennial conference shall be given to the members.
    3. At each annual/biennial meeting an audited balance sheet and income and expenditure account shall be presented.
    4. At each biennial general meeting, a biennial report shall be presented
    5. At the biennial meeting (or any special general meeting) the quorum shall be 15 members

  9. POWER OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Subject to such regulations as the General Body Meeting may pass from time to time. The Office bearers of the Society shall have the powers as mentioned below

    1. Office-bearers of the Society shall consist of:
      1. The President
      2. Vice-President (Two)
      3. The Secretary & Joint Secretary (one & two each)
      4. Treasurer
      5. ther as specified elsewhere.

      1. To preside over all general body meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee.
      2. To accept deposits and contributions.
      3. To operate all bank accounts of the Society within the limit prescribed by the Society's Executive Committee

    3. POWERS OF VICE-PRESIDENT: To perform the duties of the President in his absence and when such powers are delegated to him in writing

      1. To operate banks of the Society within the limits prescribed by the Executive Committee.
      2. To summon and attend all General Body Meetings and of the Executive Committee.
      3. To record proceedings of such meetings, get them signed by the President and other office-bearers.
      4. To carry on correspondence of society, maintain its book of accounts and registers and to arrange for their safety.
      5. To receive deposits and contributions in accordance with the regulations of the Executive Committee.
      6. To prepare annual statements or any statements or reports of statements called for by the Executive Committee

      1. To operate bank accounts of the Society within the limits prescribed by the Executive Committee.
      2. To receive and acknowledge the amounts on behalf of the society and receive receipts.
      3. To keep accurate accounts and up-to-date records thereof, and to get them audited annually by qualified person to be appointed by the Executive Committee.
      4. To be responsible for the safe custody of other assets of the society.
      5. He will co-operate with the Business Manager in promoting the cause of Society.

  10. FINANCE AND FUNDS: All funds of the Society shall be paid by the Treasurer who is accountable and shall keep correct accounts showing the details of Society's financial affairs and shall disburse funds of the Society under the authority of the Executive Committee.

  11. The Society's bank account shall be prepared by the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Cheques and withdrawals shall be signed by any two of the signatories.

  12. FINANCIAL YEAR The financial year of the Society shall end on December 31 in each year, or such other dates as may be decided by the Executive- Committee.

    1. Editor: The new Executive Committee will nominate one Editor-in-Chief. The newly appointed Executive committee will nominate names of Editors to constitute the Editorial Board at the biennial conference. The number of members on the Editorial Board will be decided upon by the Executive Committee in consultation with the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief.
    2. Board of Editors: The Editor-in-Chief will also become an ex officio member of the Executive Committee. The Editor-in-Chief shall be responsible for bringing out the journal of Society, which will, be called as 'Indian Journal of Weed Science. This will be brought out regularly, but preferable on quarterly basis

  14. GENERAL *
    1. Amendments • Any amendments either to the Memorandum of Association or to the rules and regulations, shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Societies Registration Act. However, all such amendment, shall be carried out with the prior approval of the Commissioner of Income-Tax.
    2. Investments: All investments of the Society shall be in accordance with the provisions of Section 13(1} (J)/13(5) of Income-Tax Act 1901.
    3. Dissolution: In the event of dissociation or winding up of this Society the asset remaining as on the day of dissolution shall under no circumstances be distributed among the members of the Executive Committee, but the same shall be transferred to another Charitable Trust, Society, Association or Institution whose objects are similar to those of this Society and which is recognised under Section 80 G of the Income-Tax Act 1961.
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