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ISWS International Symp. on IWM for Sustainable Agri, 18-20 Nov. 1993

Dr. Jonathan Gressel (Israel), Dr. Jens Streibig (Denmark) and Dr. G.S.Gill (Australia) in ISWS Symp., 20.11.1993

Dr. Megh Singh (USA) enjoying lunch at ISWS International Symp. Hisar

Dr. Saraswat, Dr. R. C. Kirkwood, Dr. A. B. Fischer and other delegates at ISWS Int. Symp., Hisar, 19.11.1993

ISWS International Symposium, Hisar, 19.11.1993

Drs. K. Hurle, RK Malik, J. Gressel and Samunder Singh at ISWS Int. Symp., Hisar, 20.11.1993

Dr. Rakesh Chitkara, Dr. N. N. Angiras and Prof. C. M. Singh reviewing poster papers

Dr. M. P. Sharma, Dr. Raghubir Prasad and wife (Canada) enjoying lunch at ISWS Int. Symp. Hisar

Dr. Ralph C. Kirkwood, Scotland, UK presenting lead paper in the ISWS Int. Symp., Hisar

Prof. Chester L. Foy (USA) presenting lead paper on surfactants in ISWS Int. Symp. Hisar

Dr. R. C. Kirkwood (UK), Dr. A. B. Fischer and Dr. Irene Scheunert (Germany) and Prof. J. Gressel (Israel) during ISWS Int. Symp. in Hisar

Dr. HC Sharma thanking the sponsors, others in pic are Drs. AS Dhindwal, P Bhowmik, NN Angiras, Govindra Singh, SN Singh,SK Pahwa, DP Singh & JS Mishra

Dr. K. C. Gautam, Dr. Attar Singh, Dr. R. S. Balyan and other participants of ISWS International Symposium

Drs Prasad, Dr. Gressel, Dr. Gill, Dr. Covarelli, Dr. Fischer, Dr. Gronwald and other ISWS Participants of Int. Symp of Nov. 1993 at Hisar
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