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Photo Gallery Album >> ISWS Nat. Symp on IWM, 21-22 Aug. 2010

Dr. Bibhas Ray handing over the original ISWS logo designed by him to Dr. Yaduraju, President ISWS, 21.08.2010

Dr. Madhuban Gopal and Yaduraju welcoming Prof. R. B. Singh, Chief Guest of Nat. Symp on IWM at NASC New Delhi on 21.08.10

Dr. Muniyappa welcomes Dr. R. K. Gupta (CIMMYT-IRRI) Special Keynote Speaker for IWM Symp.

Dr. N. T. Yaduraju, President ISWS welcoming guests and delegates of ISWS National Symposium

Prof. R. B. Singh, Dr. I. P. Abrol and Dr. R.K. Gupta, Chief guest and Keynote Speakers of the Symp.

Presentation of flower bouquet to Prof. R. B Singh, Chief guest of the function

Welcome of Dr. I. P. Abrol, keynote speaker of the Symposium with flower bouquet

Dr. Champa Rani presents flower bouquet to Dr. Rajat K. Gupta, Keynote speaker of the Symposium

Dr. N T. Yaduraju, President, Indian Society of Weed Science delivering his Presidential address

Drs. RK Malik, RP Singh, TV Muniyappa, Bhibas Ray, Gita Kulshrestha, AN Rao, AS Dhindwal and other delegates

Dr. I. P. Abrol, Director CASA, delivering his keynote address on Resourse Conservation Technology

Dr. R. K. Gupta delivering special keynote address on RCT and Integrated Weed Management

Dr. Samunder Singh, Secretary ISWS, proposing vote of thanks to guests and delegates of the National Symposium

Dr. Rupa S Dhawan receiving best paper award for 2008 entitled Molecular diversity of Phalaris minor populations from wheat growing belts of India

Dr. J. S. Mishra receiving ISWS award for his book, Major Weeds of Sorghum

Dr. Surjit Singh and U. S. Walia being honoured for their book, Identification of Weeds and Their Control Measures

Prof. U. S. Walia receiving ISWS award from Dr. I. P. Abrol for his book, Weed Management

Dr. T.K. Das receiving award from Dr. I. P. Abrol of his book, Weed Science Basics and Applications

Society honours Dr. R. S. Balyan with ISWS Gold Medal for 2008-09

Society honours Dr. Gita Kulshrestha with ISWS Gold Medal for 2007-08

Society honours Dr. R. K.Pannu with ISWS Fellow award for 2008-09

ISWS honours Dr. Shashi Bala Singh for ISWS Fellow award for the year 2008-09

ISWS honours Dr. Surjit Singh with ISWS Fellow award for 2008-09

ISWS honours Dr. Samar Singh with Fellow award for 2007-08

ISWS honours Dr. A. N. Rao for ISWS fellow award for the year 2007-08

Prof. R. B. Singh exhorting on the need of IWM for farmers’ prosperity and safer environment

Participants of ISWS National Symposium keenly listening to Prof. R. B. Singh’s wise counsel

Delegates of ISWS National Symp. on IWM at NASC Complex, New Delhi on 21.08.10

Prof. R. B. Singh delivering his guest lecture on the role of IWM in increasing production and lowering hunger

Prof. R. P. Singh and Dr. A. R. Sharma at the inaugural tea for ISWS Symp., NASC Complex, New Delhi, 21.08.10

Dr. RK Malik, Chairman, AS Gujral Vice Chair and TK Das, rapporteur for the RCT Session, NASC, New Delhi, 21.08.10

Dr. AS Dhindwal Chairing session with Guriqbal Singh (Repporteur) RK Singh (Vice Chair) and Samar Singh (Rapporteur), 21.08.10

Delegates being thanked by the Secretary for their participation in the National Symposium on IWM, 21.08.10

Delegates in the last session of 21.08.10

Poster viewing during tea break, 21.08.10

Dr. I. P. Abrol, Yaduraju and Madhuban Gopal enjoying lunch at NASC Complex, 21.08.10

Dr. AN Rao, Agasimani, JS Mishra and MK Singh conducting session on invasive weeds

Dr. US Walia, AK Dhaka, Kalyanamurthy and Sher Singh conducting session on weed management

General Body pays homage to Dr. Sankaran, Ex President ISWS, 21.08.10

Dr. M. Gopal, Ashok Yadav, Ganasambandan and RS Chhokar conducting session in ISWS Symp

Dr. R. K. Malik presenting his lead paper on RCT in IWM, 22.08.10

Dr. Rob Taner, UK presenting his lecture on biological control of alien weeds, 22.08.10

Dr. Dinesh Rathi raising an issue of IWM in the session, 22.08.10

Dr. Yaduraju, AN Rao,JS Mishra and RK Pannu steering Panel Discussion on IWM, 22.08.10

Rain God was pleased with the sucess of the Symp and made NASC complex truly wonderful, 22.08.10
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